New McNeil High School Parent Questions
2019-2020 School Year
It’s the First Day of School – How does this work?
Schedules: An alphabetical list of student names will be posted (by grade level) both in the Main Hall (this is where all the flags are hanging), and also by the Cafeteria. Students should find their name and your first period class will be listed. Go to your first period class and you will be given schedules as well as instructions on what to do if there are errors with your schedule (i.e. you have two English classes listed, don’t have a class for a certain period, etc.). *Upper classman: If you do not have a 1st period class listed, go to the Library. There will be lots of staff members available to help students find their way…if a student has an issue, just look for a staff member and they will be happy to help.
What does my student bring the first day?
There are no school supply lists…your teachers will let you know what you need for each class over the first few days of school. For the first day, a backpack is a good idea as well as a something to write with and a binder or notebook of some kind to store all the paperwork and information you will be given.
Student Drop Off/Pick up – Where is it and how long does it take?
School starts at 9:05 a.m. and ends at 4:20 p.m. As of now, student pick up and drop off are done at the back of the school (there are signs directing you to the back parking lot). This is subject to change with the school currently undergoing heavy construction. The time is takes is subject to traffic…it can be either a brief process or VERY long, so put your patient pants on and be friendly in the parking lot. :D
How early can I drop my student off?
Unless there are pre-arranged appointments with staff members, students can enter the building starting at 8:15 a.m.
What’s the deal with lockers?
Access to school hallway lockers can be purchased, however, many students find them unnecessary. With the A/B Day block schedule and the sometimes significant distance between classes, they can be more time consuming than just carrying items in your backpack. If you are involved in certain athletics or other double blocked classes, you may have access to a locker through that class. If you are interested in purchasing access to a school locker, please visit Suite 1 for additional information.
My student has an athletic class – What do they wear? Where do they turn in physicals?
Each sport handles practice uniforms differently…and they will let you know in the first few days of practice. Their coaches will be accepting physicals and it’s important to get those done right away. There are several forms that need to be completed online as well through Rank One. Please visit the website and either log in or create a new account through RRISD.
My student has a Doctor appointment…what do I do?
Send a note with your student and have them drop it off at the attendance office BEFORE SCHOOL. Attendance office is currently located next to the main entrance across from the Cafeteria. They will get a dismissal slip to leave your class and they student will need to sign out at the attendance office.
Student Absences – How do I report absences?
You do not need to call the attendance office. Have the student bring a note the next day and turn that into the attendance office. *It is very important to turn notes into the attendance office in a timely fashion…bring it in the day you come back*
My student’s schedule is messed up…what happens now?
You will need to see your counselor if a mistake was made on your schedule (e.g., you were placed in Spanish II, and you should be in Spanish I). Otherwise, class changes are not allowed. If you have a blank spot where a class should be, report to the library during that period to see a counselor. These instructions will also be provided the first day during first period. Counselors are assigned alphabetically. To view the current listing, visit the Counselors' website.
Flex Time – I keep hearing about this, what is it?
Flex Time is a 40 minute period carved out of every school day for students to have study hall, tutorials, enrichment, or whatever the student needs to work on. Flex Time is 10:35 – 11:15 a.m. each day. This is a GREAT way to use the time to get a jump on homework, projects or just reach out for extra help. Students have the choice of staying in their Flex Home Base (your home base changes daily), or they can alternatively sign up to go to any class available through the Flex Time Portal. Fridays are Club Days during Flex Time. It’s also a great idea to schedule doctor appointments around the Flex Time to minimize classes being missed. It can seem confusing or overwhelming, but students will get trained on the system and get used to it very quickly.
Before/After School Tutorials
If the Flex Times for a specific class that’s needed are full, or the student needs something extra, there are also before and after school Tutorials available. Check with the teacher as well as the online tutorial schedule
What is A/B Day and Double Blocked Classes?
Students do attend every class in their schedule every day. A Days cover Periods 1 – 4, and B Days cover Period 5 – 8. The A/B Day Calendar for 2019-20 is listed here. Not to worry, this is another thing that students will become familiar with *very* quickly.
What is the schedule of Classes every day?
Click here to view the 2019-20 school year daily class schedule.
Can students bring cell phones?
Cell phones can be used before school and after school. During class time, smart phones can be utilized as a technology device for instructional purposes, at the teacher’s discretion.
When is lunch, and how much is it?
Lunches start at 11:20 and run until 1:20pm. There are three lunches A, B, and C. Lunch costs start at approximately $3.05, but can be considerably more if students purchase A La Carte items such as Pizza, etc. Your 2nd period teacher will let you know which lunch you have so you know when to go.
Can students go off campus for lunch?
No, only seniors are allowed off campus for lunch.
What if my student loses their ID card?
You can purchase a new ID card for $5.00. Please go to Suite 1 for assistance.
How do students know which bus to ride?
The quickest way to find your bus route is to go to the Transportation page of RRISD. The routes have been updated for the 2019-20 school year. Another good idea is to take a look at the FAQ’s for riding the bus. The buses to return home will load up by the cafeteria.
Is there a dress code in High School?
Yes, no hats in building, no tops with spaghetti straps, no short shorts, no sagging pants, no ripped clothing, and no inappropriate t-shirts. Please consult the Student Handbook for additional details.
What are the office hours?
Office hours at McNeil are 8:15am – 4:30pm
How can a parent get a message to their student at school?
Student cell phone/text usage is sporadic during the day, depending on their classes. If you are not able to get in touch with students through cell phones and have an *urgent* message, call the main school line: 512-464-6300.
What if my student forgets something at home and needs it at school?
Label the item with your student’s name, grade, and ID#. Bring the item to the reception office, and the receptionist will let you know the next step